Friday, July 22, 2016

Kawaii Character News - July, 2016


  1. Reports of Tamagotchi m!x Launchi on 16 July!
  2. 8 Things to Note to Play Tamagotchi mix
  3. Rilakkuma in a Shrine in Aomori!
  4. Limited Rilakkuma at Kiddy Land Harajuku
  5. Bonus: Jimbe san by San-X
July in 2016 was a BIG TIME for me, and for my kawaii-loving followers!
Tamagotchi m!x, the newest version of tamagotchi, was launched on 16 July - It's MY birthday. I have so many things to write only about Tamagotchi mix, but I also have something that I MUST share with you about Rilakkuma outside of Tokyo.
Enjoy Kawaii News of hot summer!!
Tamagotchi m!x Birthday Celebrations!

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Guide to Aomori - 8 Things to See in Japan in 3000 B.C.

Japan is a country with long history. The capital is Tokyo today. Going back the history, it was Kamakura (1192 - ), Kyoto (794 - ), Nara (710 - ). I have talked about Ise, which is an even older town.
But how about 5000 years ago?
I promise you that this is the oldest destination in Japan!
Sannai-Maruyama Site in Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Sannai Maruyama Site/Relics/Ruins is the remains of a large village in Aomori Prefecture, North Japan (Tohoku region), which used to be there in Jomon era - 5000 years ago.
5000 years. Astonishingly old, isn't it?
People had a civilization, culture and unique arts there. When I traveled there, I was able to see the real remains, replica buildings and real arts from the ancient times.
Entrance of Sannai-Maruyama Site
In this post, I'd like to share the treasures from Japan of 5000 years ago. I write necessary explanations about them, but I rather want you to FEEL them visually. If you plan a trip, practical travel information is at the bottom.
Enjoy time-traveling!

1: Dogus(Clay Figures)

Do you remember the Dogu displayed at Tokyo National Museum? Aomori is one of the hometowns of dogus, so we can see many of them!
This is the most famous one at Sannai-Maruyama Site.
Dogu found in Sannai Maruyama Site
The stripes are made by pushing rope onto the clay.
The designs are surprisingly well-made to be like a real human - Amazingly, there is a hollow from the mouth to the bottom.
Dogus in Sannai Maruyama Site Museum
Nobody knows the exact purposes of Dogus, but the influential idea is that they are goddess sculptures to pray for rich harvest.
A Plate-Type Dogu
Mysterious, aren't they?
Dogus are very appealing to Japanese locals, too.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

All About Tanabata - Tales & Traditions of the Japanese Star Festival

7 July is Tanabata, Japanese Star Festival.
I'd like to write everything about this charming festival in this post.
Tanabata Decorations at Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens, Tokyo, Japan
Tanabata is a traditional Japanese festival where people make wishes and send them to stars. They write wishes on long pieces of paper (called tanzaku in Japanese) and hang them on bamboos. The bamboo branches are decorated with paper ornaments (origami).
The romantic legend of Tanabata attracts locals from little children to old people.

The Tale of Tanabata

Once upon a time in the far sky...
Orihime was a weave who made a lot of beautiful clothing for gods.
God was grateful for her work, so he found Hikoboshi, a hard-working cattleman, as her boyfriend.
Orihime and Hikoboshi fell in love at once. They married and became very happy.
But they were so intoxicated with each other that they stopped working hard.
God told them to work again, but they did not. He got angry, so he separated them by the Milky Way so that they cannot meet each other.
Orihime cried and cried every day. Hikoboshi was so sad that he shut himself up. So God promised that he'd allow them to meet once a year on Tanabata if they work again.
After that, Orihime and Hikoboshi have a date at the night of 7 July every year.

The tale is based on the Milky Way that we see in the real world.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kawaii Character News - June, 2016


  1. 7 Facts about Tamagotchi M!X
  2. Tokyo Toy Show 2016 Bandai Booth Photo Gallery
  3. A Kawaii Report from Kiddy Land Harajuku

I think that this Kawaii News has the biggest number of characters as ever. Hope it's exciting for you!!

1: 7 Facts about Tamagotchi M!X
Tamagotchi M!X Section at Tokyo Toy Show 2016
Tamagotchi M!X, the newest tamagotchi, appeared at Tokyo Toy Show 2016! The following are the 7 facts revealed before its release on 16 July.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Real Mt. Fuji INSIDE Tokyo?! - 5 Reasons to Go to Ono Terusaki Shrine

Mt. Fuji is definitely the icon of Japan, but I know that you don't have much time when traveling.
I hear voices as following.
"My travel schedule is so tight that I can't afford to visit Mt. Fuji..." "Mt. Fuji is not a very convenient place, is it? I can't put priority on it."
Don't worry. I have a fantastic solution about this.
Did you know that there is REAL Mt. Fuji in Tokyo?? I admit it's half joking, but still half serious!

Ono Terusaki Shrine is located near Ueno in Tokyo City. It is not counted as a must-see, but it's a cozy shrine.
The point is that there is "Fuji-zuka," a miniature Mt. Fuji!
Mini Mt. Fuji in Ono Terusaki Shrine, Tokyo, Japan
Is it fun to see this??

I can suggest 5 reasons to visit this shrine!

1: Genuine Lava
This Mini Mt. Fuji is made from GENUINE lava carried from real Mt. Fuji! Understand? It is not just a heap of soil to attract people, but a part of real one. And that's why it is registered as an important historical site from the city.
A Sign for important relics

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